Compete overhauled turbocharger & its new spares.

Y.A. Marine specialises in supplying high quality Turbochargers & its spare parts suitable for various turbocharger brands. We offer spare parts from stock which are OEM, OEM Improved, genuine or reversed engineered.

Turbocharger Retrofits:

Cost benefit analysis shows that the list of advantages of turbocharger retrofits can be extensive:-
They include improved spares availability, increased engine output, swifter engine response, surge margin amendment, performance to profile matching, easier maintenence access, longer service intervals, reduced SFOC and exhaust emissions.

we are always in position of satisfying either the regular or urgent demands of our clients without, under any circumstances, compromising the standards of the manufacturers.

Whether new or reconditioned, our spare parts always meet the specifications of the manufacturer and guarantee the normal operation of your turbocharger.

You can contact us for the smaller turbocharger components as :

• sealing bushes,
• gaskets,
• o-rings,
• Nozzle Ring
• Compressor wheel
• Diffusor
• Turbine shaft
as well as for the bigger components as
• gas in- and outlet casings,
• rotor complete,
• cartridges or even a
• complete turbocharger

Suppliers of all kind of ship & Power plant equipments

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