SCHALLER VISATRON VN 115/93, VN 215/93 : Y.A. Marine

We at Y.A. Marine can inshaallah deliver all Kinds of Schaller Visatron used but in good condition OMD’s with sales support by technical person :


Device with the highest sensitivity, suitable for the monitoring of crosshead engines running at medium and slow speed, because the oil mist spreads out from the damaged compartment more slowly than in the case of trunk piston engines. Damage selection through the individual compartment suction pipe system, with display of the compartment with the overheating damage.

Damage selection takes place through an individual compartment suction pipe system (the OMD is directly connected to each compartment) with a display of the compartment in which the overheating damage has arisen. The wear and tear free reed valves are switched over according to a certain algorithm during the damage check, until the compartment with the damaged location has been found.

215 93

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