We at Y.A. Marine can inshaallah provide all kinds of OMD’s suitable for all engines of all makes :

MD-SX oil mist detector, which consists of multiple sensor units that are directly inserted through a side wall of the crank case and fitted to each cylinder of the diesel engine; and a controller for integrated control of these units via communication means.

This detector uses a natural diffusion system based on technology for detection of oil mist concentrations that Daihatsu has built up over the years, augmented with new techniques and ideas. The system requires no sucking mechanism or drive air/piping for mist detection by the sensor units. The further use of an optical dispersion system makes possible detection of mist concentrations by a compact arrangement, which contributes to greater reliability and ease of maintenance.

The controller has been improved in terms of operating ease by the use of key switches and liquid crystal display (LCD); it can also monitor the overall state of the device, including the sensor units, with its self-diagnosing function.

The detector constantly monitors the oil mist concentration in the crank case, indicates the mist level and, if the concentration is raised beyond a set point by the overheating of the bearings or any other cause, issues an alarm. Accordingly, the device makes possible early detection or prediction of what might otherwise develop into-serious trouble not only in low-speed marine engines but also medium-speed and high-speed diesels.

md sx

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