We at Y.A. Marine can deliver 15PPM bilge alarm system at most competitve prices :

A 15ppm Bilge Alarm is normally used in connection to a ship’s oil filtering equipment, monitoring the oil content of the separated/filtered water and stopping the discharge into the sea if the oil content exceeds 15ppm (parts per million).

Furthermore the 15ppm bilge alarm can in principle be used as a simple oil content alarm for other applications where the water does not contain solids or other substances disturbing the operation.

When a complete new bilge water separator is delivered to an existing ship or to a new building, the separator already contains a 15 ppm bilge alarm. However, when the 15ppm bilge alarm on an existing ship is broken beyond repair, or repairing the bilge alarm would be almost as expensive as a new one, the best solution is to replace the old alarm with a new one.


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