This detector uses a natural diffusion system based on technology for detection of oil mist concentrations that Daihatsu has built up over the years, augmented with new techniques and ideas. The system requires no sucking mechanism or drive air/piping for mist detection by the sensor units. The further use of an optical dispersion system makes possible detection of mist concentrations by a compact arrangement, which contributes to greater reliability and ease of maintenance.

The maximum number of detection points is 16, which means detectability at eight points in twin engines. The system configuration is made flexible, including the fitting of the controller.


Norcontrol MCU 8625 Alarm System :
mcu 8625
Deckma OMD 11 Oil Content Meter
The OMD-11 Bilge Alarm Monitor is an older unit, designed by Deckma Hamburg GmbH, for use in conjunction with 15 ppm Oily Water Separator Systems.
omd 11
Graviner Mk 5 Oil Mist Detector
mk 5
Schaller Visatron Vn 115/87, Vn 116/87
Schaller Visatron Vn 215/87 Omd :

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