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We at Y.A. Marine specialize in providing high quality services for Marine Electronics, Communication & Navigational Systems and as well as Automation and Instrumentation.

We at Y.A. Marine never compromises on quality service and hence successfully achieved a high level of customer appreciation resulting in extending our services with long lasting relations.

Gyro-compass at your Service:

Yokogawa Cmz 900b Gyrocompass :

(This type is suitable for small vessels.)



The system configuration can easily be adapted to each vessel’s specifications.
IEC 61162-2 high-speed code is available for the heading and rate of turn (ROT) outputs.
A unique anti-vibration system enhanced by the velocity damping effect of high viscous oil, provides superior damping of vibration and decoupling of shock at sea.
A small and lightweight container enhances the follow up speed. The gyrocompass changes smoothly and does not lag when a small vessel rapidly changes course.
A space-saving design: the master compass can be installed on the autopilot stand.
The restart time can be preset from 1 to 99 hours.

cmz 900

Anschutz Std. 6, Std. 12, Std. 14, Std. 20, Std. 22, Gyrocompass

Old Type Gyro Compasses:
Anschutz Standard 4
Anschutz Standard 6
Anschutz Standard 12
Anschutz Standard 14 / Gyrostar
Anschutz Standard 20

When you need spares or repair of your old type gyro compass, please contact us.
We have the knowledge and parts to solve your technical problems.

Retrofit solutions

Raytheon Anschutz provodes a variety of converters that enables to retain your existing equipment
as repeaters and autopilots when retrofitting an old gyro compass.
Old gyro compasses transmit the heading information as analog synchro or step signals.
By one of the new converters the serial / digital heading information from new compasses is converted
into analog signals.

Advantages:Reduced expenses for new ewuipment and reduced installation efforts.

Simrad GC-80-85 Gyro Compass:

The Simrad GC80 gyrocompass is the ideal solution for the advanced DP system needed in offshore industry. Shipowners as well as DP system providers all over the world have learned that the Simrad GC series gyrocompass offers the most flexible gyro compass solution on the market. A combination of a Dual- and an Expanded system, consisting of all together three gyro compasses will offer a DP vessel all the heading and control information needed for effective operations under the most harsh conditions. The simple and quick installation and set-up process as well as the fact that no annual service is required makes a Simrad gyro system the best solution for any 24/7 operator. The world wide service and warranty network ensures extra support whenever needed.
System flexibility
The most flexible Gyrocompass on the market, for installation, configuration and cost. A wide range of control units provide complete flexibility of system configuration for new installation and easy retrofit into existing repeater systems. The standard range of interfaces can easily be expanded to provide signals for all vessel applications. The distribution of power and heading signals from the control units enables practical installation and easy retrofit.


Navigat X Mk 1 Gyrocompass :

In order to meet modern demands on navigation and ship control technology, Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine has developed the NAVIGAT X MK 1; a new generation of advanced marine gyro compass systems.

The NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyro Compass is the first of its type to be designed as a single unit and can be installed on any bridge on any vessel.


Yokogawa CMZ 300, CMZ 500, CMZ 700 Gyro’s


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