WE at Y.A. Marine Specialize in supply of Used as well as new governors for Marine Engines & steam turbine :

The governors that we deal in includes various type of governors that will be provided by us for different application serving in different industries :

Woodward UG Universal Governors :

Mechanical-hydraulic governors for dependable control of engines or steam turbines

Woodward’s UG “universal” governors are mechanical-hydraulic governors for controlling diesel, gas, or dual fuel engines, or steam turbines. This proven design has been an industry standard for many years and worldwide acceptance provides easy service in most engine and governor shops.

UG governors have their own self-contained oil supply and are driven by a suitable UG drive from an engine or turbine. They operate either isochronously or in droop, and have a wide variety of optional features for use in generator, pump, marine propulsion, and other applications. UG governors have a maximum drive speed of 1500 to 1600 rpm.


UG-Dial governors are particularly suited for constant speed applications. Knob speed settings make synchronization easy for generator applications. Motor speed setting is available for remote synchronization. Adjustable droop makes load sharing between engines precise.

UG Lever governors are widely used for variable speed control. Remote speed setting can be either mechanical through the speed setting lever or pneumatic with a special speed setting device. Special attachments are available for other applications.

The UG pump is designed for applications which reverse engine rotation.

UG 8

Features :

Isochronous or droop control
Dashpot/needle valve compensation
Lever, dial, motor, or pneumatic speed settings
Damped ballhead
Self contained oil sump


The UG-10 MAS (UG with milliamp speed setting)
controls the speed or power of prime movers used
for propulsion, locomotives, pumps, and
The UG MAS speed-setting governor is a generic
module. It can be used on most engines with a UG
The UG MAS consists of a standard UG Dial
governor equipped with a special cover assembly
and a separate electronic driver box.

UG 10D

Woodward UG-25+ Electronic-Hydraulic Governor :

The UG-25+ governor is a microprocessor-controlled, mechanical-hydraulic amplified governor for controlling diesel, gas and dual fuel engines, and steam turbines. The UG-25+ offers enhanced control capabilities, such as start fuel and boost limiting schemes. The additional transient fuel limiting (jump-rate) improves the engine load acceptance and reduces transient emissions significantly.

UG-25+ Features:

State-of-the-art speed sensing and control algorithms
Enhanced PID dynamics
Configurable speed settings and adjustment rates
Multiple fuel limiting algorithms, such as jump-rate, boost pressure, and start fuel limiting.

Comprehensive diagnostics for easy troubleshooting
End-of-line programmability simplifies inventory

UG 25+


UG-40 governors are used for speed or load control of dual-fuel, diesel, or gas engines or steam turbines with governor drive speeds of 350 to 1050 rpm or 550 to 1300 rpm. They are typically used to drive alternators, DC generators, pumps, compressors, or marine propellers.

Governors with lever speed setting are primarily used for propulsion engines. Dial or motor speed setting is primarily used for power-generation installations.

Droop is available in UG-40 governors to allow load sharing between multiple engines or power generation against an infinite bus.

All UG-40 governors have adjustable compensation to allow isochronous speed control. A pointer on the governor sets and indicates the amount of compensation. Compensation is temporary—a needle valve sets the speed at which compensation is removed from the governor speed setting. Special damped ballheads and spring-driven drives are available for engines with rough governor drives.

The governors provide 38° of output shaft travel for a maximum work output of 50 ft-lb (67J). Recommended rotation is 2/3 of the maximum, or 25° for a work output of 33 ft-lb (45J). This allows sufficient overtravel at each end so the governor can create a shutdown and also give maximum fuel when required. The terminal shaft is mechanically linked to the fuel system.

A standard feature of the UG-40 Dial governor is a load-limit control that limits the amount of fuel supplied by restricting the travel of the governor output shaft. An indicator dial shows the setting of governor-output-shaft limit position. The load-limit control may also be used for shutting down the engine, turbine, or other type of prime mover by turning it to zero. Load limit is available on the lever governor as a factory option.

UG 40

3161 Governors :

The 3161 governor is a mechanical-hydraulic device that senses speed to control dual fuel engines, diesel engines, or steam turbines. The variety of standard features and available options make the governor ideal for a wide variety of applications that require work capacity of up to
24 N-m (18 lb-ft). Applications include off-highway vehicles, industrial, marine, generator set, compressor, or pump drives.

3161 operation can be isochronous for accurate constant speed or frequency control, or droop for load sharing. The amount of droop may be changed internally or with an optional external lever.

Among the governor options are torque rise and low idle offset which provide increased low speed, no load stability, and reduced undershoot and stalling.

The governor has its own sump for quick startup response. Direction of rotation of the governor drive is set at the factory, but can be changed in the field by turning the pump housing.


Isochronous or droop control
Manual, electric, pneumatic speed setting options
Manual, electric, hydraulic shutdown options
Fuel limiting options
Torque rise, low idle offset options
Terminal position indicator
Operates with engine oil or self-contained sump
Directly interchangeable with UG-8 governor

3161 2

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