The VTR turbocharger is designed for two-stroke, low-speed and four-stroke, medium-speed heavy-duty diesel engines (about 700 kW to 18,500 kW per turbocharger).

Major benefits for the engine manufacturer:

A continuing program of development and testing work ensures that ABB turbochargers are always in the forefront of technology.

A comprehensive and confidential consultancy service is available, right from the earliest stages of new projects.

The modular concept of the VTR turbocharger with various casing configurations, turbine blades, nozzle rings and compressor wheels/diffusers, ensures the optimum match with all types and designs of engines.

An integrated lubrication system of the VTR turbochargers eliminates the need for a separate lubrication system, with its piping filters, oil tanks and safety features.

With their external, antifriction bearings, the VTR turbochargers can make a major contribution to improved power output and efficiency.

Major benefits for the engine user:

VTR turbochargers give high reliability, and are designed for the life of the engine.

Precise manufacturing tolerances enable spare parts to be installed without the need for re-machining.

External bearings are easy to maintain. The rotor shaft can be removed without dismantling the gas manifolds, or pulling of the compressor wheels.

Low friction losses of the external antifriction bearings afford optimum operating performance of engines in part-load operation.

Connectors on the compressor side allow water cleaning

during operation.

Y.A. Marine Specializes in Reconditioning of BBC VTR Turbochargers & Its spares to serve the Marine & Power Industries, helping to cut their cost.

A wide range of new and reconditioned parts. Exhaust inlet and outlet casings, new or slightly used, with ultrasonic test report and certificates from classification societies.

BBC VTR-160   BBC VTR-161                                               BBC VTR-200   BBC VTR-201

BBC VTR-250   BBC VTR-201

BBC VTR-250   BBC VTR-201

BBC VTR-251   BBC VTR-251

BBC VTR-320   BBC VTR 321

BBC VTR-400   BBC VTR 401

BBC VTR-500   BBC VTR 501

BBC VTR-630   BBC VTR 631

BBC VTR-750   BBC VTR 751

BBC VTR-254   BBC VTR 304

BBC VTR 354   BBC VTR 454

BBC VTR 564   BBC VTR-214

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