Y.A. Marine is mainly involved in the supply of ships’ spares. If you are looking for Used & Reconditoned ship machinery such as Engine Spares, Turbochargers & its Spares, Oil Mist detectors, Governors , Pneumatic Equipments, Oily Water Separator, Fresh Water Generators, Directional and Navigational Equipments Etc. Y A Marine will assist you with the best.

We at Y.A. Marine cover any turbo installation where industrial turbos need to run efficiently and reliably.

Our experience includes major shipping and fleet operators, cruise ships, naval clients, off-shore platforms, power generation plants and locomotives.

We will always be able to diagnose and repair your turbo issues, most of the time we will also show you exactly how we have performed that job before. This will give you the confidence to rely on us for all your turbo needs.

We specialize in Mitsubishi Turbochargers & its Spares:

MET 42 SB       MET 42 SC   MET 42 SD  MET 45 SC

MET 45 SB       MET 45 SD   MET 53 SC  MET 56 SB

MET 53 SB       MET 56 SC   MET 56        MET 560

MET 45             MET 450      MET 35        MET 350

MET 42

Met 42 SD

Rotors :


Y.A. Marine

Suppliers of all kind of ship machinery & spares

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Stockiest/ Suppliers: Main & Aux. Engine spares | Navigation | Air & Refrigeration Compressors | Turbocharger | Purifiers | Hydraulic Equipment | Ship Repair | Power Plant



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