Yanmar Z280L-UT, Z280-EN, T 260 L, M220L-SN, 6S185LST Spares

Connnecting Rod




piston ring



and all other spares.

 Most reliable supplier from India for Recondition and Second-hand Ship Machinery and Engine Parts, with Marine Workshop.


We are leading stockists & re-conditioners of ships’ spares. We are a team dealing in ships’ spares which we source from ships coming here for demolition. We are better placed in identifying any type of machinery in this region. We operate from India.
Y A Marine is mainly involved in the supply of ships’ spares. If you are looking for Used & Reconditoned ship machinery such as Engine Spares, Turbochargers & its Spares, Oil Mist detectors, Governors , Pneumatic Equipments, Oily Water Separator, Directional and Navigational Equipments Etc. Y A Marine will assist you with the best.
We can inshaallah export all types of marine machinery, its spare parts & all other marine items all over the world. We work very hard & heartily to give satisfactory services to our customers which is the main aim of our company.
We believe in delivering the best quality of Marine Spare Parts. For this, we have our State-of-the-Art Workshop at Bhavnagar, which is managed by skilled taskforce to recondition/overhaul the extracted machinery and back-up of well-maintained library of manuals & third party performance test facilities.

Kindly mail us your requirements in order to receive our prompt service.

 Y A Marine

Suppliers of all kind of ship machinery & spares

Email : yatechmarine@gmail.com / yamarine786@gmail.com.

Web : marinemachinery.webs.com.

Blogs : recondition machinery.blogspot.com

Reliable Supplier From India for all kind of ship machinery & spares




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